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Whether he signs his paintings “Mister M”, “Marcus” or “M2R”, he’ll reply mischievously : “Call me Mister Marcus!”.
Born in the 70s, Mister Marcus grew up in the Parisian suburbs.
During his high school years, he lived through the explosion of Hip Hop and Street Art in France like a big slap!
From this era, he kept the vibe, the humour, the sense of rhythm and a love of stencils and lettering.
Closer to the Rock scene, he abandoned his spray paint cans to develop a more detailed style, closer to Pop Art by integrating his passion for music and comic strips.
His style is recognizable at a glance… with all the squares that make up his works.
For as long as he can recall, he has always drawn them; and in every moment of his life, this geometric shape has always accompanied him.
He likes to throw them on his canvases like photos torn from an old album. He likes to play with them, manipulate them, oppose them, stack them… to give them a new meaning.
He energises with Pop colours, he confronts them with other forms… and gets a thrill from transporting them to improbable universes.

In his "Collec des 27", Mister Marcus delivers around thirty pieces dedicated to a theme close to his heart: Rock artists who died aged 27.
Each piece has the same format: 120 x 80cm (31,5 x 47,2 inch).
Created using acrylic, based on a series of templates, each piece is unique.